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Although kimono are the best known article of Japan's traditional dress, the Japanese people usually only wear kimono on special occasions. This results from the complicated rules regarding how to wear a kimono, and the difficulty with dressing in a kimono.
However, in the summer, Japanese often wear a simpler type of kimono known as the "Yukata." Kimono and yukata are very similar but kimono are made of silk while yukata are made of cotton. The yukata is the most casual type of kimono for summer use. It is easier to wear than other varieties.
In recent years the yukata has become popular among young people, and the sight of couples wearing yukata on dates is not uncommon. Simple yukata are also prepared for use as nightgowns in the traditional Japanese inns known as "Ryokan." As there are no formal rules regarding how to wear yukata, wearing one can be enjoyed by anyone. Attaching corsages or broaches to the obi (kimono sash) or wearing sandals instead of geta (wooden clogs), are just some of the things that are possible.
Why not enjoy the Kyoto summer in a yukata?

<Yukata Shops>

Assistance with kimono wearing, kimono rentals, and kimono sales are provided.
*Some services require reservations. 
Tel: 075-211-8003
Open Hours:10:00-17:00

Address: 1F Marubi Bldg., 10 Nishinokyo Nansei-cho,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto 604-8412
Access: 3-minute walk from JR Nijo Station
Tel: 075-812-3401
Fax: 075-812-3402
Service: Rental,Purchase
 [Rental (assistance with wearing the yukata included)] from 4,500 yen
 *Reservations required
 [Purchase (assistance with wearing the yukata included)] from 5,800 yen
 *Reservations required
Address: 2F JKK Bldg., 45 kitanouchi-cho kujou Minami-ku, Kyoto
Access: 3-minute walk from Kyoto Station
Tel: 075-661-0858
Fax: 075-661-8677
Service: Purchase
 [Purchase (assistance with wearing the yukata included)] from 6,300 yen
Address: Agaru, Takakura-gojyo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8406
Access: 5-minute walk from Gojo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line
Tel: 075-354-8515
Fax: 075-354-8510
Service: Rental, Purchase, Wearing
 [Rental (assistance with wearing the yukata included)] women from 5,250 yen 
 *Reservations required
 [Purchase (assistance with wearing the yukata included)] from 6,850 yen
 *Reservations required
 [Assistance with wearing the yukata] 4,200 yen *Reservations required

<Discounts and benefits>
There are many promotions designed to popularize the kimono in Kyoto. Special privileges in shops or discounted admissions are available to people wearing kimono or yukata.

Cormorant Fishing in Arashiyama
Boat fares for adult passengers wearing kimono are discounted from 1700 yen to 1500 yen.
The price of admission for those in kimono is discounted from 2200 yen to 1100 yen.

<Taxi discounts>
If one or more passengers in a group is wearing a kimono, the fare of the following taxi companies is discounted 10%. (Excluding chartered fares)
MK Taxi Inc.
Tel: 075-721-223
Tesan Taxi Inc.
Tel: 075-661-1881

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