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Kamogawa Noryo Yuka

Kamogawa Noryo Yuka

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'Kamogawa Noryo Yuka' is a riverside terrace that connects around 100 restaurants to serve their guests. It is one of Kyoto's signature summer events and will be put up from May 1st to September 30th on the west bank of the Kamo River that runs through central Kyoto. The customary terrace, created by the wisdom and innovative ideas of people in Kyoto, keeps off the summer heat and helps patrons enjoy a meal in the cool breeze that comes across the river. It is said that Yuka will make people in Kyoto feel the arrival of summer.
The tradition goes back to the late 1500s. The riverside was very popular with show tents and street vendors, so rich merchants consequently started giving banquets there. In the Edo period (1603-1867), Yuka flourished and became even more popular.
Apart from the typical country dishes (Kyo Ryori), recently restaurants including Chinese, Yakiniku (Grilled meat), and Italian as well as Cafes and Bars are also being built on Yuka and guests can order their favorite dishes throughout the terrace. Normally these restaurants will serve mainly at dinnertime but in May and September they will also be open in the daytime. You are always welcome at Yuka by the Kamo River. It has inherited the big-hearted and sophisticated townsfolk culture of the Edo period .

Location: The west bank of the Kamo River (between Nijo-ohashi and Gojo-ohashi)
Access: (To Shijo -ohashi) a 3-minute walk from Keihan Main Line Gion-Shijo Station and Hankyu Kyoto Line Kawara Machi Station.
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