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Latest News

July 7, 2014

Kyoto is named the World's Best City in the Travel + Leisure


Kyoto is named the World's Best City in the Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards 2014. Our score is 90.21.
This could be a reality by the support of all the Kyoto fans! Many many thanks from Kyoto!!!

June 30, 2014


Smoking on streets and sidewalks is very dangerous. Kyoto City Ordinance has banned
smoking outside of designated areas on all streets of the city. Furthermore, persons who
smoke in designated nonsmoking areas will be fined 1,000 yen. Please smoke only in
designated smoking areas.
*The following areas of Kyoto City have been designated nonsmoking;
Center area of the city, Kyoto station and surroundings, Kiyomizu and Gion area

1. Why did Kyoto City come up with this ordinance?
This ordinance aims to prevent damages such as burns sustained from contact with cigarettes smoked on the street as well as to take precautions against adverse effects on health in order to create a safe, secure and healthy city.

2. Is smoking while walking banned?
"Smoking on the street" includes smoking while walking, smoke while standing in the street, and smoking while riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

3. Why is smoking on the street banned?
Even if a person smokes in a careful way, sometimes cigarettes come into contact with the skin or clothes of other people. Furthermore, it is very dangerous for children since the lit cigarette is usually held at the level of a child's face.

4. Is smoking allowed in places with the ashtrays?
Smoking in areas that road or land administrators have provided with ashtrays is not considered "street smoking". However, please be considerate of other people around you even when smoking in these areas.

Stopsmoking04.jpgStop Smoking on the streets
In Kyoto City, all public areas within the city have regulations asking people to refrain from smoking on the streets.


Stopsmoking02.jpg Stopsmoking03.jpg

Persons who smoke in the "Public Nonsmoking Area" must pay a 1,000yen fine.   Public Nonsmoking Area  Stopsmoking05.jpg Smoking Area

March 26, 2014

119 call for emergency

For foreign visitors to call 119 for emergency, Kyoto City offers a simultaneous telephone interpretation service in five languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. We promise your stay in Kyoto will be safer and more comfortable!


March 1, 2014

KYOTO Trip+ has been launched.

"KYOTO Trip+," is an official application offering tourists and citizens in all over Kyoto Prefecture Tourism and Disaster information.
We support each and every one a comfortable Kyoto tourism and Kyoto life.We offer you with reliable information from Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, local governments in Kyoto prefecture and tourist organizations.
In terms of sightseeing information we offer not only sightseeing spots, seasonal events, transit information but we would like to recommend tourism in Kyoto you would be interested in.
So, in terms of disaster information for your safety, we also offer information about any kind of disaster information and evacuation information in case of a disaster or an emergency by setting up alert information.

December 27, 2013

"Empty Handed Sightseeing Campaign"
We delivered your luggage to your hotel at a discount rate.

Period: Wed. January 1 (holiday) to Sun. March 23. 
Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel from Kyoto station!  
Show the printed copy of this WEB page or "Kyo no Fuyu no Tabi" Guidebook to the reception counters, and you will be offered discount for this service. (Normally the price ranges from 750 JPY to 900 JPY, but you will be charged 650 JPY.)

Reception counters:
A.  JR Kyoto station Carry Service counter*  Tel: +81-(0)75-352-5437
   Open 8:00 to 14:00 
   Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel by 17:00.
B. Delivery Service counter at Hachijo Entrance for Shinkansen at JR Kyoto station*   Tel: +81-(0)75-11-6541
 Open 9:00 to 14:00 
Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel by 17:00..
C. City Bus and Subway Information Center (Chikatetsu Annai-sho) in Kotochika Kyoto
  (Delivered by Yamato Unyu)  Tel: +81-(0)75-371-9866
Open 7:30 to 12:00 
 Your luggage will be delivered on the day you applied.

  * This service will not be available at some areas. 

November 28, 2013

Opera meets Kyoto !

清水寺公演3.jpg 清水寺公演2.jpg 清水寺公演1.jpg

To honor the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, Opera as a collaboration among Italy and Japan was performed at Kiyomizu-dera, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, for the first time.
Audience of 200 enjoyed the premium program in the superb atmosphere of the 'Opera House'. It may be your turn next to be a part of such a historic moment ??

October 18, 2013

Kyoto was selected as the top Asian city. The U.S. tourism magazine "Condé Nast Traveler" announced Kyoto was selected as the best place among Asian cities!!

ASIAN_CITY_winner_13.jpgThis is to inform you that, "Condé Nast Traveler," one of the most prestigious tourism magazines in the U.S. announced Kyoto was selected as the best place in the Asian city category in Condé Nast Traveler's "Readers' Choice Awards" tourist city ranking in 2013.

Kyoto was the first Japanese city selected as first place in the Asian city category of the same ranking in 2011. But last year it was selected as second place behind Bangkok (Hong Kong was also in second). 
However, this year Japan got back on top of it through the votes of 80,000 readers - almost as twice as many as last year with a large distance from cities below second place.
In addition, another tourism magazine, "Travel & Leisure," announced in July this year that Kyoto was selected as fifth place in the world city ranking.

September 17, 2013

We wish to thank everyone who has sent us well wishes regarding the damage sustained in the #18 (man-yi) typhoon.

As a result of torrential rains during the night of September 16, 2013, some roads and buildings were damaged by flooding in some areas of Togetsukyo in Arashiyama, but local people of the area are currently working strenuously to repair the damage.

Furthermore, at present with the exception of certain facilities and stores that received damage, the temples, shrines, tourism facilities and souvenir shops in Arashiyama are all functional and able to be enjoyed by tourists.

Only a very small part of Kyoto City's other tourist destinations has been affected by the typhoon, with the vast majority able to be enjoyed by tourists as usual.

Moving forward, we will also put forth our full effort towards restoring the damaged areas in Kyoto City.

(At this time we recommend confirming the situation of places you wish to visit before going, just in case.)

August 19, 2013

Registration for the Kyoto Marathon 2014, held on February 16, is now open till September 10.

京都マラソン1.png 京都マラソン2.png
The marathon course features a variety of Kyoto's most famous landmarks including seven World Heritage sites, which allows runners to take in the historic and scenic sights of Kyoto as the City of International Culture and Tourism. There are marathon (42.195 km) and pair-ekiden (1st section: 24 km; 2nd section: 18 km) options. Last year, more than 15,000 participants took part in a marathon and 95% of them successfully finished it within six hours while receiving the warm cheers of support from the spectator in the streets. All runners will receive a commemorative gift - Kyoto Marathon 2014 original BUFF (multi-functional headwear designed in Spain) useful on the marathon day. If you have an opportunity to visit Kyoto in February, you just might want to come out!

July 19, 2013

KYOTO, a city with multi-layered Culture

We have created a multi-language DVD which shows the attractiveness of Kyoto such as culture, manufacturing, universities, and the environment, which is summarized comprehensively but in a compact manner. In the future, we will utilize this DVD as a method of comprehensive PR through various opportunities.

February 1, 2013

Kyoto ranks third place in the readers' vote of the British magazine, Wanderlust!

We are delighted to announce that Kyoto ranks third place in the readers' vote of the top city's ranking of the Wanderlust Travel Award 2013 in the magazine, Wanderlust. It is one of the leading international travel magazines, covering adventurous, cultural and special travel interest.

Top ten cities (Satisfaction rating)
No. 1   Hoi An, Vietnam (97.18)
No. 2   Cusco, Peru (95.76)
No. 3   Kyoto, Japan (94.81)
No. 4   Bagan, Myanmar/Burma (94.55)
No. 5   Copenhagen, Denmark (94.17)
No. 6   Udaipur, India (94)
No. 7   New York, USA (93.24)
No. 8   San Francisco, USA (92.82)
No. 9   Venice, Italy (92.56)
No. 10 Siem Reap, Cambodia (92.5)

For further details, please visit the link below:

December 11, 2012


We reached 100,000 likes on Visit Kyoto Facebook page! To thank you all our fans that have supported us, we are giving away a FREE trip to Kyoto.

Please enjoy the magic of Kyoto in winter with a high standard of service and hospitality at all times. To be sure to enter this campaign, please visit the link below and read the details carefully.

November 27, 2012

KYOTO TRAIL Association "KYOTO TRAIL DIGEST" in English version

We "KYOTO TRAIL Association" manage and maintain 5 hiking courses in total with which the participants climb Kyoto mountains of rich history; Higashi-yama course, Eastern Kitayama course, Western Kitayama course, Nishiyama course, and Keihoku Course, with an aim to promote pleasant sightseeing walk and to keep and enhance the health of the participants.
We are proud to announce that we have published English version "KYOTO TRAIL DIGEST" for foreign visitors to enjoy hiking in the Kyoto mountains. We added 4 recommended courses in addition to existing ones.

1. Brief introduction of English version "KYOTO TRAIL DIGEST"

Shows all 4 courses with clear maps
Beginners' Course (Higashiyama)
Walking through "a thousand of tori gate" and the temple grounds of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine to Sennyuji Temple
Highlight: Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is one of the most popular places among overseas visitors. With little ups and downs, this course can be enjoyed by beginners.

Outlook Course (Higashiyama)
Walking from Kiyomizu-dera Temple through Shogunzuka mound to Awata-jinja Shrine
Highlight: We will start from the World Cultural Heritage Kiyomizu-dera Temple and then go hike mountains. The scenery of Kyoto city seen from Higashiyama Summit Park (Shogunzuka mound) is breathtaking after having a good sweat.

Mt. Daimonji-yama Hiking Course (Higashiyama)
Walking from Keage through Mt. Daimonji-yama Yotsu-tsuji (crossing) to the front of Ginkakuji-Temple
Highlight: Starting from Keage, we will hike Mt. Daimonji-yama as we enjoy abundant nature. The course offers additional attraction to stop by Honen-in Temple and World Heritage Site Ginkaku-ji Temple and more.

Colored Leaves and History Course (Nishiyama)
Walking from Kiyotaki through Historical town area of Saga Toriimoto to Tenryu-ji Temple
Highlight: The course offers both sightseeing and trekking to your fullest satisfaction, appreciating beautiful autumn foliage of Kyoto and visiting historical townscape, scenic spots and places of historical interest.

- What's peculiar about "KYOTO TRAIL DIGEST"
- Includes points of interests on and around the trail courses
Not only the trail courses but the map includes information on neighbor sightseeing spots which help foreign visitors to plan their trip. Also it may help discover and appreciate the attraction of deep Kyoto when you come by scenic spots and places of historic interest on your hiking excursion.
- Kindly teaches dos and don'ts on hiking
The map has instructions on hiking manners and how to deal with dangerous animals for foreign visitors who are not familiar with the mountains in Japan so they can safely enjoy their walk on the trail courses.
- Map written both in Japanese and English
Place names are written both in Japanese and English for Japanese people whom you might ask for directions. Information on sightseeing and spots are only in English.

2. Where to Buy "KYOTO TRAIL DIGEST"

1) Release Date: Nov 15, 2012 (Thursday)
2) Where to Buy: Kyoto Tourist Information Center (2nd fl. of Kyoto Station Building), Kyoto City Tourism Association (A minute walk from "Sanjo Keihan" Station on the Tozai Subway Line, KYOTO UTANO Youth Hostel (Ukyo-ku). *More places will be starting selling maps.
3) Price: 300 yen each (incl. tax)

3. About Kyoto Trail

Please click the link below for more details.

November 16, 2012

International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Japan to launch in 2013

We are very pleased to announce that International Luxury Travel Market (ITLM) Japan will take place in Kyoto from March 11 to 13, 2013. ILTM Japan will offer international exhibitors a great opportunity to meet with upscale luxury travel agents, planners and tour operators to reach Japanese luxury travelers. Kyoto is well known worldwide as the country's historical, cultural, and spiritual center, boasting myriads of shrines, temples, and historical landmarks. We are truly confident that its charms will continue to fascinate more luxury travelers from around the world. To learn more about ILTM Japan, please log on to the website:, where you will find all relevant information you need.

July 22, 2012

Kyoto ranks 9th place in the reader's vote of the U.S. magazine 'Travel & Leisure'! < First in Japan!>

Please be informed that Kyoto ranks 9th place in the readers' vote of the 'World's best cities' ranking of the 'World's Best Awards 2012' in the magazine 'Travel + Leisure', one of the most influential travel magazines in the world. It is the first time for a Japanese city to rank as a Top 10 city in the vote.
Kyoto has been ranked as a Top 10 city in the Asian city category, but it has been the first Japanese city to be ranked in the Top 10 for the 'World's best cities'ranking. Kyoto also ranks 3rd place in the Asian city category (3rd place last year).

*Explanation about 'World's Best Award' of the magazine Travel + Leisure
'Travel + Leisure' is a monthly travel magazine with sales of approximately 1 million copies. Readers are mainly wealthy people in North America and many of them are American Express Card members. It is said that the magazine is influential in the world.
The 'World's Best Award' is the reader's vote ranking started from 1995 in the magazine, and it has categories such as sightseeing cities, hotels, cruises, travel agents, airlines and so forth. The evaluation criteria of the best cities consist of 5 factors such as scenery, culture/art, restaurant/food, shopping and value.

Results of 2012
< The world's best city - top 10 cities >

No. 1 Bangkok (Thailand) 89.87 points
No. 2 Florence (Italy) 89.14 points
No. 3 Istanbul (Turkey) 89.11 points
No. 4 Cape Town (South Africa) 88.64 points
No. 5 Sydney (Australia) 88.52 points
No. 6 Rome (Italy) 88.49 points
No. 7 New York City (USA) 88.12 points
No. 8 Hong Kong (China) 88.03 points
No. 9 Kyoto (Japan) 87.90 points
No. 10 Paris (France) 87.67 points
You can look up the results on the following website.

< Top 10 cities in Asia >
No. 1 Bangkok (Thailand) 89.87 points
No. 2 Hong Kong (China) 88.03 points
No. 3 Kyoto (Japan) 87.90 points
No. 4 Siem Reap (Cambodia) 87.09 points
No. 5 Shanghai (China) 84.65 points
No. 6 Tokyo (Japan) 84.29 points
No. 7 Singapore 84.20 points
No. 8 Beijing (China) 82.74 points
No. 9 Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) 82.43 points
No. 10 Xi'an (China) 80.02 points

Ref: Results in 2011
< The world's best city - top 10 cities >
No. 1Bangkok (Thailand)90.49 points
No. 2Florence (Italy)89.92 points
No. 3Rome (Italy)88.45 points
No. 4New York City (USA)88.40 points
No. 5Istanbul (Turkey) 88.18 points
No. 6Cape Town (South Africa)88.06 points
No. 7Siem Reap (Cambodia)87.90 points
No. 8Sydney (Australia)87.84 points
No. 9Barcelona (Spain)87.83 points
No. 10Paris (France)87.78 points

< Top 10 cities in Asia >
No. 1Bangkok (Thailand)90.49 points
No. 2Siem Reap (Cambodia) 87.90 points
No. 3Kyoto (Japan)87.22 points
No. 4Hong Kong (China)86.18 points
No. 5Tokyo (Japan) 84.75 points
No. 6Shanghai (China)84.29 points
No. 7Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)84.09 points
No. 8Beijing (China) 83.51 points
No. 9Hanoi(Vietnam)83.48 points
No. 10Singapore 83.44 points

July 11, 2012

'ICOCA & Haruka' ticket, a new product for foreign visitors in Japan

JR West will sell a new product package called 'ICOCA & Haruka', an IC card with an original 'ICOCA' design and discount ticket for the express train 'Haruka' from July 1, 2012 for foreigners entering the country from Kansai International Airport.

Sale conditions
Only foreign visitors who have a passport issued by a government other than Japan and those with a 'short-term visit' status of residence.
* You are requested to show a return ticket (In the case of an 'e-ticket', printed out contents) and immigration control card (ED card).
* If you make a reservation on the Internet, print out the e-mail for reservation confirmation (reservation number) or write down the reservation number in Kansai Airport Station after the visit.
* Only 1 ticket is sold per person at one time during the visit.

Sale location
It is available in the JR Kansai Airport Station.
* Internet reservation is available as well.
* You can only fill in the reservation form in English.
   - You can make a reservation in 2- 28 days before the first day of use.
   - After the visit, pay the fare at Kansai Airport Station.
   - If you do not receive the ticket by the first day of use, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.

'One way' JPY3,000, 'Round-trip' JPY4,000
* The prices includes JPY2,000 for the original ICOCA (includes the JPY500 deposit to issue the card).

July 11, 2012


Kyoto_wifi_logo.jpgIn bus stops, subway stations, 'Seven Eleven' convenience stores and public facilities, there are 630 wireless LAN spots in which everyone can use the Internet free of charge, which are to be placed in the city in order after the middle of August and operation is to be started.


Application management company

Transmission time


Target persons

Bus stops, subway stations, 'Seven Eleven' convenience stores

KDDI Corporation

3 hours (If use exceeds 3 hours, communication is switched off automatically)

Free of charge

Users of portable terminals, etc., through which a wireless connection is available.

Public facilities

Infinity Inc.

Opening hours of each facility

How to use
Step 1 : Send a blank e-mail to the designated address.
Step 2 : The 'Guest code' (password for use) is sent back.
Step 3 : Select the signal of the access point' name on the network display menu of the portable terminal
Step 4 : Open the browser (software to look at web pages) and input the guest code (password for use).
Available for a fixed time free of charge

Example of a sticker for a wireless LAN spot

April 24, 2012

A congratulatory message from the mayor to a foreign couple married in Kyoto.

From the 1st of April, Kyoto City will send a congratulatory message (in English) from the mayor to a couple of foreign tourists who get married in Kyoto City. We hope this would make the wedding ceremony more memorable and specia l.
It will be our pleasure to receive your application (For details, please contact your hotel or wedding hall).

Through a congratulatory message from the mayor, we will try to attract foreign tourists and enhance the brand image of Kyoto.

A pair of foreign tourists who visited Kyoto and held a wedding ceremony in Kyoto City.

We will send a wedding message from the mayor to the couple who celebrates their wedding in Kyoto City.
*The message has no legal ground to prove the marriage.

Cost: Free

How to apply:
A hotel or wedding hall will be an applicant on behalf of the couple. On an application form (Japanese only), the applicant will write down the name of the wedding couple, the date of the ceremony and the name of the wedding hall. Please send it to us by fax at least one week prior to the wedding ceremony (Please see the information below.)
By the wedding day, we will send a congratulatory message to the applicant (or the wedding hall.).

Tourism and MICE Office,Kyoto City
TEL +81 (0)75 222 4133

- Message
- Application form (Japanese only)

February 10, 2012

Holding of Ikebana Workshop Course for Foreign Persons

As per the requests of the participants in the Ikebana International 10th World Convention, a workshop course will be held at Ikebana Saga Goryu.

We look forward to many people attending.


Time and Date:  April 27, 2012 (Fri.)  10AM to 4PM

Location: Saga Goryu Kado Geijutsu Gakuin (located within Daikaku-ji Temple)

Instructors: Director Etsuho Kakibana, Director Hakushu Watanabe, and Mika Tsujii, the vice chairperson of the flower arrangement planning promotion department

Contents: Tour of the inside of the temple, demonstrations, skill practice (2 flower forms)

*There will be an explanation in English


Requirements: Foreign persons residing in or currently staying in Japan

Participation Fee: 10,000 Yen (includes temple tour fee, cost of flower materials for practicing, and cost of lunch in the dining hall)

*If the number of applicants is below the planned number, the course will not be held.


Method: Those who wish to participate should apply through the e-mail address below.

E-mail :



Deadline: March 16, 2012 (Fri.)

Inquiries: Please address any inquiries to the above e-mail address.


Ikebana Saga Goryu (Japanese)

November 17, 2011

"Setsugekka" at Kodaiji & Entokuin temples

Invitation for foreign visitors to Kyoto

to "Setsugekka" at Kodaiji & Entokuin temples

Saturday 10th December 2011


Kyoto Higashiyama Original Box Kamogawa Co.,Ltd. presents

Commemorating the launch of Money exchange service

In summer 2011, "Original Box Kamogawa" in the precincts of Kodaiji Entokuin temple in Kyoto Higashiyama started money exchange service for foreign visitors to Japan.


To commemorate this new service, we cordially invite the first 50 applicants to "Setsugekka" gathering, held at Kodaiji Entokuin temple, which lets you appreciate traditional Japanese culture. Please apply as soon as possible.


On 8th December at 2AM each year, thinking about the Buddha having attained enlightenment on this day, asceticism practicing monks would eat "Uzumi tofu gayu (rice porridge with tofu)" to get warm.  Here, "Setsugekka" is referred to as a gathering where guests enjoy eating the porridge.


Date & time

Saturday 10th December 2011, between 12 noon and 7PM.

(Please come during the above hours. A visit takes about 1.5 hours.)


Entokuin and Kodaiji temples


    Tour of Entokuin

→ Powdered green tea drinking & tour

→ Tour of Kodaiji

→ Green tea drinking at Kodaiji's "Ungoan" tea room

→ Enjoy "Uzumi Tofu Gayu" at "Senshinryo" restaurant at the temple car park.

*The gardens of Kodaiji and Entokuin will be lit-up after sunset.

Application dead-line

Wednesday, 30th November 2011.

*But we will stop taking applications as soon as all the seats are filled.

Please apply by email or fax +81 75 532 3778 with the following information.


1. Name(Your and your partner's names)  

2. Contact details

3. Nationality

4. Dates in Japan

5. Your accommodation's name (e.g. Hotel, Japanese inn, etc.)

6. Your intended arrival time on 10th December.


November 2011

Original Box Kamogawa

August 16, 2011

Exclusive Kyoto Tour


Exclusive Kyoto Tour
Local artists and machiya owners present the "Kiyomizu Machiya Walking Tour"

With a local Kyoto resident as your guide, explore the fascination of mysterious and historical side of Kyoto! You can have a glimpse of a Maiko's daily life as well as inside of a machiya townhouse.
This is a walking event for foreign tourists who are visiting Kyoto and foreigners who take up residency in Kyoto.

Date: Every second and fourth Wednesdays
Note : August: Only on the fourth Wednesday. December: Second and third Wednesday.
Note : A tour on another date is also possible depending on the request.








24th14th & 28th12th & 26th9th & 23th14th & 21th11th & 25th8th & 22th14th & 28th11th & 25th

Guide services will be provided in Japanese and interpreted in English.
French and Chinese speaking interpreters are also available on request.
Note : A Chinese interpreter is not available on September 28th.

For more details, please contact us here.

April 15, 2011

Safety Information

Kyoto is completely safe as it has not been affected in any way by the recent earthquake and nuclear radiation.

You can access the latest information (transportation information, radiation monitor map of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, scheduled blackouts, events etc) about visiting Japan after the earthquake that occurred on March 11 at the following website.

Japan National Tourism Organization

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

March 18, 2011

Kyoto is safe.

Kyoto is safe. 

Kyoto's accommodation and major transportation facilities etc., including access from Kansai International Airport, are operating as normal.

By providing the maximum possible aid goods and dispatch of personnel etc., relief work and reconstruction support are currently being carried out for the disaster-stricken areas. Kyoto fortunately did not suffer any damage but takes this opportunity of sending out a message of encouragement towards the reconstruction of entire Japan.

March 15, 2011

Cancellation notice of the event in Kyoto

Hanatouro event is cancelled out of regard for the victims of the Northeast Earthquake. 

March 13, 2011

Earthquake in Northeast Japan: Kyoto is safe

As you might be aware there has been a major earthquake in Northeast Japan. Damage due to the earthquake is restricted to the northeast region of Japan.

West Japan has not been affected by the earthquake and all transport (air, rail, roads) is running normally and on schedule.

January 11, 2011

"What's on" information has been updated. 

December 24, 2010


"Bus-Route Guidance Service" available
via iPad and websites for foreign travelers visiting Kyoto  

                                                                                                             For Free!!

The City of Kyoto and cooperators will release a pilot "Bus-Route Guidance Service" on December 24th, organized by Japan Tourism Agency in an effort to promote "Hospitality Infrastructures for Foreign Travelers Visiting Japan." 

1. Contents of Service

This user friendly service can visually display the traffic routes (Kyoto City Bus / Subway) from present location to main tourist sites or bus stops nearby those destinations on a map, by enabling websites or iPad installed at guest houses and commercial facilities in the city.

   Bus-Route Guidance Service.png

*By and around the end of January 2011, information about tourist sites (pictures, descriptions etc.) will be provided while locations of iPad installation will be increased at the same time. Also, iPhone application will be released when completed.

2. Original locations for iPad installation 

• Kyoto International Manga Museum
• Kyoto Hana Hostel
• Kyoto Handicraft Center (to be placed on 12/24)
• Gojo Guest House
• J-Hoppers Kyoto
• Daimaru Kyoto
• Takashimaya Kyoto
• Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel (to be placed on 12/24)
• Kyoto Tourist Information Center (to be placed on 12/24) 

For more information...
(URL for web)
(Questionnaire site)

download PDF ↓↓↓↓↓

Bus-Route Guidance Service.pdf

December 15, 2010


Hanatouro Photo Collection is now available!!!

October 29, 2010


"APEC JAPAN 2010 Finance Ministers' Meeting" will be held in Kyoto on November 5th and 6th. Due to the security reason, baggage lockers at train stations including Kyoto Sta. will not be available during the period. We ask for your kind understanding.

September 29, 2010


We are running a prize campaign from September 2010 to February 2011!
for more detail, visit our campaign site!!

September 13, 2010

Kyoto Winter Special website is now available to visit!!!

September 13, 2010

Visit us on Facebook. Visit Kyoto:

July 12, 2010

"What's on" information has been updated. 

June 25, 2010

"What's on" information has been updated.  "Let's Try Yukata!"

June 8, 2010

"What's on" information has been updated

May 25, 2010

"Hot Event" information has been updated     

December 3, 2009

New Release: Kyoto Travel Guide

The newly revamped Kyoto Travel Guide website is now available to visit

October 30, 2009

New Release: Kyoto Luxury Tour

Kyoto Luxury Tour website is now available to visit

September 30, 2009

New Release: Kyoto Winter Special

Kyoto Winter Special website is now available to visit

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