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Onsen & Sento (Public bath)

Onsen & Sento (Public bath)


The city of Kyoto has always developed in proximity to its rich natural environment. It is not difficult to find countryside sceneries that evoke the ancient past without going far. In particular, the Totteoki no Kyoto areas(the Hidden Gems of Kyoto areas are rural areas of the city that have historically developed as the sites of villas and retreats of the imperial family members as well as court nobles.
In Kyoto, five different types of onsen hot spring water are available to enjoy.

Kyoto City Council for the Vitalization of ONSEN Tourism

Sento(Public bath)

Also, they are not hot springs as defined by the regulation, but there are public baths called “sento” where you can enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere of everyday life in Japan. 

Popular Public Baths in Kyoto

Kyoto Sento(Kyoto Prefectural Cooperative of Public Bath-house Operators)


  • Do not jump into a bathtub! Also refrain from swimming around in the tub.
  • Do not take a bath when drunk.
  • Do not put your towel in the bathwater. Leave it folded on the edge of the tub, etc. 
  • Do not let long hair soak in the bathtub. Tie it back, etc.
  • Sit rather than standing when taking a shower, and do not splash water on other people.
  • Do not use more than one space in the washing area or one locker in the dressing room. Be considerate of others.

Guide to Bathing in Japan(JNTO)