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Enrich your experience by learning about those who are carrying on tradition and developing a new culture.

  1. What is most important in making the maintenance and utilization of a cultural property compatible with each other?

  2. The Experience of Accommodating the Food-Culture Diversity of Inbound Tourists Leading to a New Success

  3. Kyo-wagasa Umbrellas: Their Beauty is the Result of Over a Thousand Years of Innovations

  4. Kiyomizu-dera Temple in the New Era: Bringing Culture and Sincerity Together for an Era of Peace

  5. A Tasteful Meditation: Reconnect with Your Senses at a Zen Temple

  6. Beyond “Delicious”

  7. Moving to Kyoto for the second time: A Café Manager’s Perspective on the Potentials and Values of a Place

  8. Following my mother’s wisdom: Learning How to Get Along with My Body – Yakuzen Cuisine

  9. Kyo-sensu Fan Shop Owner, Rie Ohnishi: Life & Craft, a Day at Ohnishi Tsune Shoten

  10. Craft Shop, YAMAHON: Searching for Artists’ Works that are Enlivened in Everyday Life

  11. Urushi Lacquer Refiner ,Takuya Tsutsumi : Cruising the Streets on a Lacquered Skateboard

  12. Oke Artisan, Taichi Kondo: The Encounter with the Living National Treasure at Age 29 Paved His Way to Becoming a Japanese Cooper

  13. Bamboo Artisan, Hiroaki Nakagawa: The Not-so-Obvious yet Solid Role that Bamboo Plays in Japanese Culture

  14. Yuzen Textile Dyeing Artist, Sachi Manabe: A New Potential of Yuzen Drawn in Bright Colors

  15. Mio Heki: Kintsugi Artist and Urushi Master

  16. Stepping into Metamorphosis: The Shoes of Masaya

  17. Chiemi Ogura: Bamboo Craftswoman

  18. Interview with Mitsuru Yokoyama, Tatami Artisan

  19. Kurahashi Yoshio: Shakuhachi Master

  20. Vassal Beats Lord: Benkei and Yoshitsune in the Noh Play Ataka

  21. Nakagawa Shuji: Oke Maker