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Comfortable access to major tourist destinations

Comfortable access to major tourist destinations

To reach Kyoto's sightseeing spots, it is quick and comfortable to first take a train, then change to a bus if necessary, or walk to your destination. Check out the recommended routes and whether coin lockers are available to make your trip a smooth one!

Ginkaku-ji Temple /Philosopher’s Path

■Access from Kyoto Station
Take the Subway Karasuma Line to Imadegawa Station. It takes about 9 minutes to reach Imadegawa Station.
When you arrive at Imadegawa Station, go to the ground level and take the No. 203 bus bound for Ginkaku-ji Temple (The Silver Pavilion) from the Karasuma Imadegawa bus stop.
In addition, City Bus 102 (Rakuraku Kinkaku-ji Temple/Ginkaku-ji Temple Line) is also in service on weekends and holidays.
*The Karasuma Imadegawa bus stop in the direction of Ginkaku-ji Temple (The Silver Pavilion) is located along Imadegawa-dori Street, on the campus side of Doshisha University.
After getting off the No. 203 bus at the Ginkakuji-michi bus stop, continue down the road along the canal from the Shirakawa-dori Imadegawa intersection to the east.
Once you pass the Ginkakuji Bridge and the entrance to the Philosopher's Walk, keep walking up the hill.
This area is a pathway to the approach to the temple and is a pleasant place to stroll. It takes about 43 minutes to reach Ginkaku-ji Temple (The Silver Pavilion) from Kyoto Station.
We do not recommend taking a direct bus from Kyoto Station to Ginkaku-ji Temple (The Silver Pavilion) because of the distance and because the bus passes through the downtown area, which tends to be crowded.
For those who like to walk, we also recommend taking the route from Keage Subway Station to Ginkaku-ji Temple(The Silver Pavilion) along the quaint Philosopher's Path.

On weekends and holidays, EX100 (express sightseeing bus) and City Bus 105 (Rakuraku Okazaki/Ginkaku-ji Temple Line) are in service. 
The bus fare is 500 yen for the express sightseeing buses. The Subway&Bus 1-Day Passes are accepted on both bus types. 
City Bus 105 (Rakuraku Okazaki/Ginkaku-ji Temple Line) departing from Kyoto Station bound for the Okazaki area via Shijo Kawaramachi is also operating on weekends and holidays. 
■Access from Shijo Kawaramachi (Keihan Gion-shijo Station)
From Gion-shijo Station, head to the last stop, Demachiyanagi Station. Go to the ground level and take the City Bus No.7 or 203 to the Ginkakuji-michi bus stop. The journey takes about 29 minutes.
Access by a single bus can take a long time.