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Finding Halal Food

Finding Halal Food

On the website of Muslim Friendly Kyoto, we wish all Muslim visitors and guests to enjoy their stay in Kyoto in peace and safety. With this in mind, on this website we will provide you with information about hotels and restaurants which offer halal food and other Muslim-welcome services. The Kyoto Muslim Association (KMA) and Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs supervise these hotels and restaurants as well as this website to ensure the required Sharia standards are maintained. The restaurants and hotels of all categories in this website have been rigorously checked by the experts of the Council and have been certified according to their conditions.

Further Explanations

Halal All food is halal. The menus bear halal logos.
Muslim Friendly Special halal menus are provided.
Muslim Welcome No pork or pork-related items, and no alcoholic flavoring.
Pork-free No pork, and no meat.

“Halal” indicates restaurants and coffee houses with halal food only. If alcoholic beverage is served, the entire facility is certified as halal. If alcohol is served, all food menus are certified as halal, and alcoholic beverages are strictly separated.
“Muslim Friendly” restaurants provide halal menus with halal logos. In their regular menu, non-halal chicken and beef, and alcoholic flavoring at all.
“Muslim Welcome” means no pork or pork-related items and no alcoholic flavoring are used in the entire place. However, this category doesn’t offer separate halal menus.
“Pork-Free” means no pork and no meat. There are no pork and pork-related items, nor is any meat served. Alcoholic flavoring might be used.


All food at the following restaurants is halal. The menus bear halal logos.

Muslim Friendly

Special halal menus are provided at these restaurants.