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There are many historical temples in the Kiyomizu area such as World Heritage Sites Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka Pagoda (Hokan-ji Temple). Traditional industries such as Kyo-yaki・Kiyomizu-yaki (Kyoto pottery) have also developed here. You can enjoy shopping at many souvenir shops along the way to the temples and while walking around the alleys. Gion area has developed as the town near the gate of Yasaka Shrine and the most popular entertainment district of Kyoto where Geiko and Maiko live. You can take a stroll through the streets lined with elegant Ochaya (tea houses) and Japanese as well as foreign restaurants. You can also enjoy dining and shopping at bars, cafes and general stores.


Yasaka-Jinja Shrine・Maruyama Park
Yasaka Shrine is an old shrine which has a national treasure Honden (main shrine building) and also famous for answering prayers for matchmaking, driving away evil spirits, beauty and more. The adjacent Maruyama Park is the oldest park in Kyoto and famous for its beautiful weeping cherry trees.

Hanami-koji Street~Kennin-ji Temple
Hanami-koji Street is the main street of Gion area lined with many beautiful houses. Kennin-ji, known as the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto can be found nearby. The temple is in possession of cultural assets such as "Fujin Raijin-zu Byobu" (The folding screens of Wind God and Thunder God). Its unique garden is an important place of interest as well.

Chion-in Temple
Chion-in Temple boasts a vast complex of temple buildings such as Meido (national treasure) and one of Japan's largest gates - the Sanmon gate. The "Yūzen-en Garden" which can be found on the temple grounds is a little-known spot for viewing autumn leaves. The pond in the garden reflects them creating a beautiful view.


●Miyako Odori
The dance performance held in April by Gion Kobu area’s Geiko and Maiko at Gion Kobu Kaburenjo theater.

●Gion Matsuri Festival

The festival of Yasaka Shrine held in July famous for its float parades on the 17th and 24th.

●Gion Odori

The dance performance organized in November by Gion Higashi area’s Geiko and Maiko at Gion Kaikan theater.                  


A New Year event where the temple bell is rung late at night of December 31st at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kodai-ji Temple and Choraku-ji Temple (Numbered ticket needed). Chion-in Temple is also especially famous due to its enormous bell.

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The Gion Area is one of Kyoto's most popular destinations.
It is well known as an area where you can encounter Maiko, however taking pictures of them without permission is strictly prohibited.
Hanami-koji Street has a lot of traffic so make sure to avoid walking in the middle of the road.