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Gion Matsuri Festival Float Procession 2024 Sales information: Parade Viewing Seats

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Gion Matsuri Festival Float Procession 2024 Sales information: Parade Viewing Seats

The Gion Matsuri Festival, one of Japan's three major festivals, incorporates a number of festivities held throughout July, with the highlights taking place during the Yamahoko Junko procession on July 17th (Early or Saki Matsuri Festival) and July 24th (Latter or Ato Matsuri Festival).

The Gion Festival's history reaches over 1,000 years in the past and is a month-long festival held at Yasaka Shrine from July 1st to July 31st (Nagoshi Matsuri Festival). The Yamahoko procession on the 17th and 24th is also called a “moving gallery” because the floats are decorated with beautiful embroidery, imported fabrics, and other gorgeous ornaments.  

*For more information (Kyoto Sightseeing Official Website)

The Kyoto City Tourism Association will provide paid viewing seats for the procession. We will be offering “Gion Matsuri Premium Seats” this year in order to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition, we will also be selling reserved seats in the general seating area that will allow visitors to watch the procession closely from the front-row. A part of the proceeds of the sales will be used to preserve and support this festival.

This year, all seats will come with a pamphlet and commemorative card.

1. Sales will begin at:

10 AM (Japan time) on June 11th (Tue), 2024
2. Number and location of seats:

⑴ Early festival (July 17th): approx. 10,000 seats (from Kawaramachi-dori street to Shinmachi-dori street); Oike-dori street area.
⑵ Latter festival (July 24th): approx. 3,600 seats
City Hall area (from Kawaramachi-dori street to Teramachi-dori street) approx. 1,600 seats.
Karasuma Oike area (Karasuma-dori street to Takakura-dori street) approx. 2,000 seats.
*The number of seats for sale may change depending on the number of tickets sold.
3. Routes taken by the float procession

(1) Route of the Early Festival procession (July 17th)


Click here or on the image to enlarge it

(2) Route of the Latter Festival procession (July 24th)

Click here or on the image to enlarge it

4. Prices

*Seat type and price (All seats are reserved seats and come with a pamphlet and commemorative card. Tax included in the price.)

Seating type Price Remarks
Gion matsuri festival Premium Seat with a special view of the Kanko hoko floats during Yoiyama (pre-festival, July 16th) 200,000 yen A special private viewing of the Kanko hoko floats during Yoiyama (pre-festival, July 16th) limited to the participants of this plan only. 
Gion matsuri festival Premium seat 150,000 yen Explained further below. 
General seating (front row) 6,000 yen -
General seating (second row onwards) 4,100 yen -
"Learning" seating with audioguide (front row) 11,000 yen ・With audioguide commentary by a dedicated narrator
・Available between Ainomachi-dori street and Higashinotoin-dori street
"Learning" seating with audioguide (second row onwards) 9,000 yen ・With audioguide commentary by a dedicated narrator
・Available between Ainomachi-dori street and Higashinotoin-dori street

About Gion Matsuri Festival Premium seat tickets:

During the Former Festival (July 17th), the Gion Matsuri Festival Premium seats will offer a comfortable one-of-a-kind experience to visitors enjoying the Yamahoko Junko procession.

Location: Kawaramachi-Oike intersection (southwest)

Services offered:
  • Special Japanese-style seating with zaisu chairs and cushions will be set up for 60 visitors.
  • The first row is freely available for use.
  • The second and third rows are raised so that even those in the back rows can enjoy the view.
  • Sunshade umbrellas are installed so that it is possible to enjoy the view without the heat.
  • Cold drinks are provided.
  • An earphone guide providing commentary on the parade (in Japanese and English) will be prepared.
  • The "Kanko hoko float during Yoiyama Special Tour" will be held on the afternoon of July 16th (Tue) and will be reserved exclusively for the participants of that plan. The customers who chose it will be given a tour of the float that was exclusively reserved for this plan and the festival's musical performance. Souvenirs such as chimaki (woven grass charms) will also be prepared. 

Premium seating at the Gion Festival in 2024 (conceptual image)

Premium seating at last year's Gion Matsuri Festival (2023)

5. How to purchase 

Through the internet:

Ticket PIA: 
●Early Festival (July 17th)

●Latter Festival (July 24th) 

At the convenience stores:

●P code: 650-534 (Early Festival) / 650-535 (Latter Festival)

・Lawson (excluding Lawson Store 100)
●L code: 50454 (Early Festival) / 50455 (Latter Festival)


*Up to 6 tickets can be bought per purchase. For Gion Matsuri Festival Premium Seats up to 4 tickets can be bought. 
*Various fees may apply depending on the payment method (according to each play guide's regulations).
*Gion Festival Premium Viewing Seats are only available with credit card payment through Ticket PIA.
*"Learning" seats with an audioguide are available for purchase only through Ticket PIA.
6. Advisory notes
  • Yamahoko Junko will be held rain or shine. No refunds of any kind, except in the event that the Yamahoko Junko is not performed. Refunds will be made only at the place of purchase. Please note that ticketing and delivery fees related to payment are not refundable.
  • Please take care to stay hydrated. Even if you do not feel thirsty, please drink water frequently. 
  • Please bring a hat or other protection against the heat. 
  • The use of parasols, umbrellas, and tripods will not be allowed in the viewing seats, as it may block the views of others. 
  • Accompanying pets are prohibited.
  • Please bring raincoats in case it begins to rain during the event.
  • Flashing photography is prohibited.
  • Please be mindful of other visitors when taking photographs or videos.
  • Please be aware that the number of restrooms may not be sufficient.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff. Failure to comply will result in forced removal from the premises. In such cases, there will be no refund of tickets or any other compensations.
  • Please note that Kyoto City Tourism Association cannot accept any responsibility for damages that occur within the seating area.
  • Please take your garbage home with you.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • In case of natural disasters, the festival's schedule and route may be changed or canceled. 
7. Commemorative goods

⑴ Pamphlet (A5 size)

A pamphlet introducing the Gion Matsuri Yamahoko Junko (float procession) in an easy-to-understand manner that will be distributed to all spectator seats.

* The above design is from last year's festival.

⑵ Commemorative cards

Commemorative cards with an original design for the Gion Matsuri Yamahoko Junko (float procession). They will be distributed to all spectators, as well as available for purchase at the Kyoto Tourist Information Center.

Commemorative cards with original designs will be distributed to all seats in the viewing area of the Gion Matsuri during the Former and Latter Festival (the design is different for either day). 
Cards for viewing the Former Festival will be distributed at the beginning of the event, and cards for viewing the Latter Festival will be distributed at the end of the event.
(1) Number of tickets: 2,000 for the Former Festival and 1,000 for the Latter Festival.
(2) Additionally available for purchase at: Kyoto Tourist Information Center "Kyo Navi" (8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from July 13 (Sat) to 24 (Wed)) 
(3) Price: 500 yen per card (for both the first and second festivals)
*Once sold out, cards will be no longer available for purchase.
A portion of the proceeds will be used for the preservation of the Gion Festival.

*Designs shown above are from last year's festival.

For more information, see:

Season & Festivals / Gion Matsuri Festival